Proprietor’s Range Release
31. January , 2019

Proprietor’s Range Release

Time is all relative, particularly when you are waiting for something exciting to happen. While waiting for the Masters week to start, days can feel like weeks, so you can imagine how long three years has felt for us in anticipation of the launch of the 2015 vintage of our Proprietors range. The reason for all the excitement?  - It all began with quiet whispers among the industry - 'Is this the greatest SA vintage ever?'  Surely too early to tell, but judging by early indications we've never seen anything like this before. 

Although the vintage will be remembered as one of the driest and earliest in years, with a somewhat smaller wine grape harvest, everything happened as close to perfectly as possible. Good reserves were accumulated post-harvest in April and May, after which leaf fall occurred at the right time. A cold, wet winter led to full dormancy of the vineyards, which contributed to even bud break. Warm weather in August resulted in earlier bud break, after which a warm, dry and windy summer kept vineyard vigor under control and accelerated ripening by approximately two weeks. The dry weather in particular helped create one of the healthiest seasons in years, with almost no losses due to diseases or rot. With the absence of the usual heat waves in most regions, cooler than usual weather in February was ideal for ripening and harvesting. Smaller berries, as well as moderate temperatures during the harvest time led to one of the best, if not the best, harvests in years.

All of the wines in the Proprietors range offer incredible concentration of flavor with purity of fruit and fresh elegance a hallmark. These wines will age for decades and should definitely be a consideration for any serious collectors. 

The wines are available directly from the winery.

Ernie Els Proprietor’s Blend 2015                R260 per bottle

Ernie Els Proprietor’s Syrah 2015                R260 per bottle