Euro Trip 2018
31. January , 2019

Euro Trip 2018

As part of Ernie Els Wines ongoing commitment to sharing our finely crafted wines with the rest of the world International Marketing Manager, Tom Mills, travelled to Europe to spend some time with our partners there.

His first stop was the “End of Summer” festival at Kapweine just outside of Zurich. Even though the weather may have decided that Summer was already long gone the festival was well attended and along with a selection of some of South Africa’s finest producers he had a great time showing the wines from Ernie Els. Andy Zimmerman and his team specialise in bringing South African wines, amongst other products, into the county and the have a wide selection available. The team went through great effort to create an authentic South African atmosphere to whole affair and even went as far as setting up a number of braais attended to by a South African chef.

From there it was a quick trip across to the Netherlands to meet up with Albert and Anita from Kaapwijnhuis. They are based just outside Amsterdam and specialise in importing small parcels of fine wine for select private clients.

From the Netherlands Tom journeyed to Frankfurt to meet up with Martin Baulmann who had planned a tasting that evening on his roof top terrace for invited guests and it was a beautiful evening. The wines were singing and “Baule” put on quiet a performance himself. We were able to present the entire range and received an overwhelming response from everyone in attendance.

 The last stop for the tour was to the little town of Kampenhout just outside of Brussels. Tom was joined by a number of other wineries from South Africa and many other countries for the Kaapwijn Annual Festival. . Peter de Leeuw has been importing wine from all over the world for the last 40 years and has built the festival into an all-out party with multiple live bands, a children’s section, art displays and food trucks. It is serious of fun while enjoying some of the finest wines available in Belgium.

The overall response from many of the people that tasted the wines was extremely positive and we have many more exciting events planned for the 2019 calendar year. We hope to be back in Europe by the end of February so that we can show some of the new vintages to our various partners and their clients.